Spot Prawns with Duso’s Four Cheese Ravioli and Traditional Tomato Sauce

What a way to celebrate one of B.C.’s tastiest seasonal treats: spot prawns! Combined with Duso’s fresh pasta and Traditional Tomato Sauce, you can make an impressive Italian meal at home.  B.C. Spot Prawns are known worldwide for their firm texture and sweet, delicate flavor.  Recognized for their bright pink colour and white spots on the tail, this meal looks as great as it tastes.  If you miss spot prawn season this recipe works well with other crustaceans like local shrimp or crab.

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B.C. Spot Prawn season starts in May and runs for 6 to 8 weeks. If you happen to live close to fishermen’s boats, maximize freshness and purchase direct, or, visit the fishmonger at your local market.  Ask for fresh tails, which are translucent and shouldn’t smell fishy. More details regarding B.C. Spot Prawns can be found:

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Duso’s pasta uses fresh ingredients that are sourced as locally as posible.  This Four Cheese Ravioli is filled with asiago, ricottta, romano and mozzarella cheese.  The pasta is made with 100% Canadian Durum Semolina and B.C. eggs.

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The key to preserve the prawns’ natural texture is to cook them during a short period of time. This is why using Duso’s Traditional Tomato Sauce is the way to go for this recipe, as it allows you to pull off a quick finish.

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One ultimate pleasure when eating spot prawns is to slurp the ocean-flavoured liquid from their heads. If you are looking for ease of consumption or are planning an elegant dinner, prepare the prawns by twisting and removing their heads, then peeling off their shells (recommended for serving to children). Make sure to preserve the heads and squeeze the tasty juice into the sauce along with prawn meat. Alternately, cut prawns in half lengthwise or make a slit with a knife in the shells to help make eating these oceanic treats even easier.

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Easy recipe equals more time to spend with your family/friends.  Plan a garden party, invite your loved ones and share!