Italy to Toronto

Like many Italians who came to Canada seeking greater opportunities, Pier 21 in Halifax was the Duso Family’s first introduction to their new country.

“Our Father Ercole, immigrated to Canada in 1954, brother Lorenzo joined him a year later. Once they found work, Father sent for my mother to bring us over. We made the two week crossing aboard the Conte Biancamano and landed in Halifax on December 18, 1956.” [George Duso]

George, along with his mother Mirella and brother Mauro boarded a train and headed to Toronto. The stark barren landscape added to the unfamiliarity of the language and culture. The Duso’s settled in Toronto and began their new life in Canada.

Toronto to Vancouver

In the late 60s Mauro travelled across Canada and fell in love with Vancouver. He set up shop and became one of the original shop owners at the now famous Granville Island Market.  His nephews Adrian and Jeff visited their Uncle Mauro and they too fell in love with the area and stayed. They encouraged their parents George and Mary to move and by 1994 the Duso Family were together again.

Bright Future

Interest in fresh authentic pasta increased.  Duso’s Granville Island became a destination and local restaurants began serving Duso’s. The Granville Island shop was booming! The Dusos made pasta day and night but still could not keep up with demand.  They needed a larger place so brothers Mauro and George took the leap and built a small factory on Kitchener Street in Vancouver.  They continued to use Mary’s recipes, increased volume, and had very satisfied customers. Business continued to grow and a larger factory was needed so they moved to their current Federally Inspected facility in Port Coqutilam. Duso’s Pasta & Sauces can now be found in 500 grocery stores across Western Canada as well as at the now iconic Granville Island location.