Our Vision

We at Duso’s strive through innovation to produce the most unique and premium pasta and sauce recipes in Canada.

For our customers, for our retailers, for our private label customers, and for our families, we support local suppliers and buy local ingredients. We’re always searching for the highest quality sources, while keeping a very low carbon footprint as we produce our natural food products.

Prepared locally, available nationally. Proudly Canadian – with our authentic Italian family roots.

pasta chef making pasta

Our Story

Our Founder, Mauro Duso first arrived in Canada from Italy by ship, landing in Halifax, Nova Scotia before boarding a train to Toronto, and then eventually in the late 1960s, Mauro travelled across the country and instantly fell in love with Vancouver, BC.  Mauro Duso set up shop and became one of the original store owners at the now-famous Granville Island Market – where he also met his wife, Susan.

With increasing interest in fresh authentic pasta, Duso’s Granville Island location soon became a destination and many popular local restaurants began serving Duso’s products on their menus. With the little shop now booming, Mauro and his family made pasta day and night but still could not keep up with the increased demand. Mauro solved this predicament by moving production to our current facility in Port Coquitlam, BC, keeping Granville Island Market as his flagship retail store.

Today Duso’s Fresh Pasta & Sauces can be found in over 800 grocery stores across Canada as well as at the original, now-iconic Granville Island Market location.

vancouver granville island entrance