Shoppers are looking for transparent information about the food they are buying in all aisles of the grocery store, and this includes information on local products. Supporting locally made, grown, or owned products is important due to the economic benefit it brings to communities, the labour it provides, the lower environmental footprint local food often contributes to, and the overall building of more resilient local food systems.

The Localize solution is a shelf labelling program that helps shoppers to identify local food, like Duso’s, at retailers throughout Canada and a Sourcing Portal tool that helps grocers find new products. The Localize labels highlight not only primary products, but products in all aisles of the grocery store. Localize looks to define local by considering the production location, ownership location, and where the ingredients were grown or raised. The labels highlight the province that the product is made in, owned in, as well as the Localize score.

The Localize score is made up of these 3 parameters, and additional points are given for products that are Fair Trade Certified, Certified Organic, or Marine Stewardship Council Certified. The scores are relative to the stores that the products are sold in. Additionally, the labels have a QR code that a shopper can scan to learn the details of production, ingredients, ownership as well as the company backstory and certifications.

Look for the Localize symbol, make informed shopping decisions and support your local community!