Duso’s Pasta – an ‘Egg-cellent’ Choice

Duso’s always looks for the finest ingredients from suppliers that share our passion for food excellence. That’s why Vanderpol’s Eggs is our source for the highest-quality, safest products to make our pasta.

Cage-free eggs are one of only three ingredients – along with durum wheat and filtered water –  that go into every Duso’s pasta.

Vanderpol’s sales manager Henry Meerstra has been working with Duso’s for 35 years in a long and mutually beneficial relationship for both businesses.

“We get 80 to 85 per cent of our eggs from a grader who’s about a half-kilometre down the road, and they get their eggs from operations that are within an hour of our facility here in Abbotsford,” Meerstra says. The rest is sourced from elsewhere in B.C., Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Vanderpol’s also pays attention to the animal welfare issues that their customers care about, which is why it sells Duso’s products made from cage-free eggs.

While everyone knows you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, Vanderpol’s breaks a total of 1.2 million eggs every single day to supply food manufacturers, restaurant chains, senior’s homes, hospitals and universities right across the country.

Duso’s uses 200, 15-kilogram boxes of whole liquid eggs every week – that’s the equivalent of 60,000 large eggs or 5,000 dozen. Imagine how high that stack would be in the grocery store!

Inside the Vanderpol’s plant, food safety is of the utmost importance. The company is FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certified, and Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors even have an office on site to oversee production.

As part of federally-regulated protocols, all the eggs must be pasteurized or cooked before leaving the plant. This prevents nasty, stomach-churning bugs like salmonella from getting into pasta and other products.

Vanderpol’s is also environmentally conscious, so rather than waste the millions of shells that are a by-product of the manufacturing process, the company recycles them back into calcium supplements for chicken feed to keep the layers healthy. It really is a chicken-egg-chicken scenario!

Duso’s commitment to quality starts with the best ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers like Vanderpol’s and ends with healthy, tasty, sustainably-made pasta products enjoyed by our customers in 500 locations across Western Canada.

Henry Meerstra of Vanderpol’s Eggs