Duso’s Pasta Has Flour Power

Duso’s deep dedication to high-quality pasta extends to our suppliers, which is why we’ve been buying our semolina flour from Ardent Mills and its predecessors for 20 years.

Ardent Mills is a young company whose owners have a long tradition of buying from prairie wheat farmers in Saskatchewan. It is a joint venture of Cargill Incorporated, Conagra Brands and CHS, making it one of the largest flour millers in the world, with a network of more than 40 mills, mix facilities and a specialty bakery in Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The Saskatoon mill, from which Duso’s gets its flour, has been operating non-stop since 1927, grinding the high-quality durum wheat into flour that goes into pasta at our plant.

“We have some farm families who have been selling to us for three generations,” says Caalen Covey, the company’s grain merchant at the mill. Most of the farmers who supply it grow wheat in and around the southwest of Saskatchewan – the heart of Canada’s grain country.

Since Duso’s only uses three ingredients in all of its pastas – eggs, flour and water – it uses a lot of flour from Ardent Mills. In fact, more than a million pounds of the ingredient makes it into Duso’s manufacturing plant every year. The product is shipped in bags direct from the mill via CN Rail and transferred in Vancouver by truck right to the door of Duso’s plant.

Overall, the Saskatoon plant mills approximately the equivalent of two, two-hundred car trainloads of flour annually. That would stretch as far as the eye can see, which is a long way on the flat plains of Saskatchewan!

Ardent Mills is also dedicated to the safety of its food and people.

“This is one of our company’s core values, along with trust, serving and simplicity,” says Elaine O’Doherty, Ardent Mills marketing manager in Canada. Once the durum wheat enters the mill, it is cleaned in a separator  to ensure that any sand, seeds or chaff are removed. The wheat is then tempered to ready the durum for milling. Consumer food safety is of paramount importance to Ardent Mills, and all the mills adhere to stringent and mandated food safety protocols. Since flour is made from a raw agricultural product, it must be cooked thoroughly for safe consumption.

Beyond supplying safe, high-quality flour to Duso’s and hundreds of other food manufacturers, Ardent Mills is involved in local community efforts including supporting school breakfast clubs and food banks.

The longstanding and good relationship between suppliers like Ardent Mills and Duso’s is key to maintaining the fresh, great-tasting pasta that you can buy at 500 locations across Western Canada.