The New Year is upon us and many are turning their thoughts to starting afresh with resolutions to lose weight, exercise and get healthy.  Eating pasta is a great way to do it all.

Healthy Eating

Pasta is finally shedding its unearned reputation for being the bad boy of diets. An Italian study of more than 14,000 people showed that pasta can actually help maintain a healthy weight. It concluded: “As a traditional component of MeD (Mediterranean Diet), pasta consumption was negatively associated with BMI (Body Mass Index), waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio and with a lower prevalence of overweight and obesity.”

All by itself, pasta is a nutritious food, with nearly no fat, sodium or cholesterol and lots of complex carbohydrates.

In fact, eating pasta ‘sticks to your ribs’ because the carbs take longer to break down in the bloodstream. That means you don’t get the munchies and nosh on not-so-nutritious snacks before the next meal, or after dinner.

A half-cup of pasta is only 104 calories, and combining it with healthy veggies like tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, garlic, peppers and onions makes for a tasty side dish. Adding a yummy protein like shrimp or lean chicken or turkey gives you an almost-complete nutritional package.


While proteins like meat and seafood build and repair your muscles, the carbs in pasta can give your body the energy it needs to sustain or recover from a serious workout.

Having a nice dinner of linguine and pesto after your regular exercise routine is also a great way to replenish the carbs you burned while you were jogging or pumping iron.

More intense competitors know that carb-loading before, say, a marathon is a must, so pasta is a perfect fuel for those long-haul runs.

Eating Duso’s products with vegetables right in the pasta –  like butternut squash mezzaluna – will give you the added kick of vitamins A, E and potassium.

So whether you’re looking to trim down or muscle up, making pasta part of your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier is a smart choice!

Happy New Year from everyone at Duso’s.